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Toni Plastic Industries studies the actual cultural and social phenomena as currently markets trends generators in fashion and design. Customers request and expect an emotional connection with their brands and their products, and they judge and penalize them.

They want the brands help and consolidate decisions that establish our lifestyle. So, Toni Plastic Industries knows what their customers want and consider them as relevant and reference factors. Through a regular process of marketing and branding we have developed the need to understand the markets, sectors, Professionals of the time.


The needs of the environment in the plastics industry require the continuous development of new products in order to maintain and improve Toni Plastic Industries competitive position.

The basic aspects of product innovation are mainly related to promoting new features and generate greater added value through aesthetics.

However, to achieve these objectives it is necessary to have ongoing research of trends in the markets, not only in regard to finished product, but with the availability of materials and machinery in order to achieve the same in competitive conditions.


The Research and Development department is the engine of the company. Over the past decades we have managed to generate the significant growth and we are continually working to develop innovative solutions in our areas of expertise.

Our interdisciplinary team develops several challenges that have emerged from the need to give customers alternatives to the new demands of quality, design, packaging and transportation.

Our philosophy has allowed us to provide more and better solutions for all needs in many sectors.



We develop 3d models, molds, and physical samples for our clients.


We help our clients in designing and prototyping their ideas into physical products.


With the latest technology and trained staff, we help our clients in the mass production of their products.

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